Nordstrom Marine's professional commercial diving staff provides vessel owners and operators the convenience of being able to conduct in-water repairs thereby foregoing the costly expense of dry-docking. Our diving services include under water welding, color video survey, under water still photography, hull scrubbings, line removal, and visual inspection to name a few.

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As a full service commercial diving firm, Norstrom Marine is often required to comply with regulations imposed by state and federal law, and various government agencies.

Nordstrom Marine Diving operations are fully insured and comply with all applicable federal, commercial, and scientific diving regulations, including USCG/DOT diving regulations (46 CFR 197, Subpart B), OSHA/DOL (29 CFR 1910.401 - 1910.441, Subpart T), and USACE EM 385-1-86.

All Nordstrom Marine personnel are highly skilled in the field, with certifications in commercial diving, scientific diving, technical diving, dive rescue, and dive instruction.

Please contact us to request safe practices manuals, operations manuals, and personnel documentation to support your project bids.

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